Sunday, March 09, 2008


First, I'm going to show you something that i did a month ago at another retreat. I try to go to retreats at least 4 or 5 times a year, I get so much accomplished (at this one I completed 14 layouts, a record for me). Ali Edwards's posted something very similar to what I end up doing on her blog about a month ago. I was just so inspired by it that I had to "scraplift" the idea. It was so simple, yet so great...all it took was an 8 1/2" x 11 piece of cardstock and a bunch of scraps of coordinating pattern paper. Take a shape and punch as many as you want (I used a butterfly), then adhere to the cardstock in even rows and columns. Done! Ready to frame and hang. I love stuff like that...simple....and quick.
Oh, my gosh, I go so much accomplished this weekend. I had the pleasure of going to Stolen Moments Inn in Maypearl with some of the best girls in the world. I personally had a blast hanging out with all the girls, having cupcakes, celebrating birthdays, bashing a certain man (or lack of man, I should say). My first order of business was to create this 24 x 24 canvas using my favorite quote from a Beatles song. My oldest son, Steven (the one in the picture with me) is a huge Beatles fan I thought this would really make a nice addition to our home and be something special for him. We are going to be colabrating on another Beatles project soon...I can't was totally his concept...maybe I will even get him to do some of it.

Now, believe it or not I actually made a 2 page layout this weekend. I've been wanting to do this layout for a long time and I finally sat down and did it. My iPod is my life line to inspiration, all the songs that i have on there encourage me to do something: love, dance, laugh, regret, reflect, create, rock out, work out and smile. I took some of the songs off my iPod playlist and typed them out on a vintage typewriter. It took me some time, but i had a good time going through my list and remembering why I have them on there.
Another one bites the dust!! (*ideas that is) Done! Love it when I things done and off my brain.

Have a good week....CREATE!



Brook said...

Joanna! I have to say that I am so in love with the art work you created! I love the canvas and your play list! I am so going to lift them! Just simply FABULOUS!

Sherri said...

These are just wonderful! I am always interested in the new things you come up with.