Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Basket

So at 8:30 tonight, I got the idea to make some Easter baskets for the folks at work. We are all on 3 separate floors, so I went to the store and bought stuff for three baskets. Well, one of the floors is just going to have to go to another floor to get their goodies. It is 1:40 and I just finished the second basket. I am calling it a night.

These weren't hard OR time consuming to make...but I spent my second hour undoing what I did in the first hour....then I finally figured out what I really wanted to do. I think my project turned out pretty well. Now I just need some shut eye before my alarm goes off!

Bottom line - take a chance. Fix it if you don't like it and move on. But create - always create.



Sherri said...

I wish I worked on one of those floors! Very cute basket/buckets.

Brook said...

Fabulous basket! I spent some time making baskets too this week. I love what you have done. You are right! Youj've just got to jump out there and take a chance!