Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Maya Road Calender Book...Vegas Style

When Sherri asked me to look through the pile of design team projects i was so excited that the Maya Road tabbed calender book was in one of the packets.....i knew it would be fabulous for my trip to Vegas. I have done a couple project in the past for the design team...and was always thrilled to take the completed projects back to The Crafty Scrapper for display.....but today i had separation anxiety . I did not want to leave my Vegas book. I have looked at the pictures and my book about a zillion times over the past month.

It is funny how when you go on a trip or do something memorable the thoughts consume your every waking moment when you first return to "real everyday life"........then as days, weeks, months even years go by you think of that event less and less until it is just a memory of the past. A memory that at some point in life will jogged deep out of your memory a scent....a song......a drink....or a talk among old friends. But for us....the scrap family we will always have those memories preserved forever.


Mikey said...

I saw the Blue Man Group at the venetian one New Years. It was amazing!!! Thanks for sharing all your amazing artistic ability.


Sherri said...

This album turned out very cool! You did a great job!

joanna said...

Love the album...can't wait to see the real thing close up on Sunday. Also...could not have said it better myself...the stuff about memories. We who do this scrapbooking thing gain so much by what we do.