Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hello from sunny California.......

We made it! Why did I ever move to Texas, I LOVE the weather here. First thing this morning we headed down to the beach. My sister and brother in law found this great house in Capitola, right down from Santa Cruz, over 2 years ago. The cousins have their boogie boards and are ready to catch some waves.
As we were walking down to the beach, I saw this hand crafted gate. The artist in me had to snap a picture to share. I love all the neat little houses here.

This is called the "Village", it is right down the street at the beach.

Daddy, Denton and his uncle Pedro coming up for air after trying to survive the waves.

I see a canvas creation coming on with this picture.

We are renting a boat later this week to fish for Halibut, so stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

WOW what a awesome Mega Workshop........

Tim Holtz and Cheryl Darrow teamed up and taught a Mega Workshop today at her studio. I NEVER get to play and enjoy a class, so this was a treat and they both came up with this awesome project.

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of Tim, he was surrounded with people after the class and I was so into what I was doing during the class I forgot. The first 2 hours were with Tim doing the inside of the shadow box, it was a blast creating these little canvases.

The second 2 hours we were with Cheryl. This is were Karen and I found her. She looked a little tired!
But she soon brightened up and started doing what she loves....showing people how to use her metal.

I am thrilled Mary Lou came to play. She works so hard and is always doing for other people, she deserved a day for her.

Thank you Tim and Cheryl for a great day and sharing your creativity with us.....sorry it was so HOT Tim, believe me you never get used to it.

That's why I am leaving tomorrow morning for California! I grew up in the Bay area and cannot wait to spend some time with my family. If I can pull myself away from the beach I will post updates and pictures.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look what I created!

I have a new love, I have a box of domino's, just ordered some stamps specially made for the domino's, now all I need is time!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Wow...there is a lot going on this weekend!

It started yesterday, the creative buzz around DFW. People started flying in from Washington, Kansas, Houston and several from St. Louis. There is so much going on, Tim Holtz is teaching in Plano at Stamp Asylum, Cheryl and Meagan at Ten Second Studios are having their certification classes today and tomorrow and then on Sunday Cheryl and Tim are teaming up and teaching a Mega workshop. I cannot wait, 10 of us are driving out for this, I will post pictures later. 3 scrapbook retreats were full with croppers from all over. Today Paper Cowgirls retreat started with classes today and tomorrow and tonight was vendor night. I went out and showed the girls metal and had them making cool dog tags with trinkets. Here are a few pictures, one girl just happened to check in to the hotel and found all this cool stuff.
Tomorrow we are having our No Frills crop and will be opened til midnight, so come on down. I will post more pictures from the weekend, then my family and I off to California to hang out with family for 10 days, I cannot wait!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brafree Weekend.......

Got your attention?

I wanted to share about a new scrapbook retreat opening in North Richland Hills. My crazy friend Cheryl Darrow, owner of Ten Seconds Studio, decided she didn't have enough on her plate, and decided to open a retreat. They have transformed there house into a awesome creative place to get away and crop. I think they are homeless until this thing takes off, you know you guys can always come stay with us. Seriously, they do have another house and are very excited about this new venture. You can check out all the details and pictures HERE . Also be sure and leave a comment on their blog to win a free weekend HERE.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rockin' the Baby.

To our new friends from GASC, sorry this took so long to get up here. We were hoping for Monday, but alas, it took until today.

For our regular followers, this is one of the items taken to GASC last week. There are so many awesome things to post here. Most of the customers were able to get pictures of the other items themselves, but we had a couple of ladies who asked if we would post this for them.

We will still be posting some of the other awesome projects, so stay tuned. For those of you wanting to mimic this book, here are the rest of the pages. Clicking on any picture will enlarge it. If you have questions, leave a comment and we'll get back to you.

Monday, June 08, 2009

We survived the convention

Yes we made it through another year, and believe it or not this year went smoothly. But before I show you guys pictures I have to share something on the home front. Being gone has turned my house upside down and no food in the frig. We all know boys and men do not like to clean or shop without being told. Anyways I have been downstairs doing laundry and putting up the groceries. I sent my son Denton upstairs to take his things to his room, after a hour I realized I had not heard a sound so I went to go check up on him. I found him in his closet organizing his shoes. He also took everything out of his drawers and re-folded the clothes......who is this child? It just melted my heart that he took this task on himself.
I think his underwear drawer looks better than mine!

Now for GASC, first I want to say "Thank You" to everyone that came out to help us. I was in the class room all day Thursday and Friday, that's another whole blog post for later this week. So my wonderful husband Nolan ran the booth with Lynn, Marie, Heidi and our new friend Randy from Canvas Corps. This year we added another booth for more room and had this wonderful black display wall to show off all the awesome examples the design team made. Maya Road Misters were the most popular thing in our booth, with me using it in the classes and Heidi demoing it in the booth.
Everyone wanted the flower Annette made with Graphic 45 paper, Tim Holtz metal and the flower by Carolees Creation. We will be offering this as a class at the shop this summer.

I demoed the Paper Artsy stamps on copper metal all day Saturday, people went nuts over these adorable stamps from the UK.