Monday, June 08, 2009

We survived the convention

Yes we made it through another year, and believe it or not this year went smoothly. But before I show you guys pictures I have to share something on the home front. Being gone has turned my house upside down and no food in the frig. We all know boys and men do not like to clean or shop without being told. Anyways I have been downstairs doing laundry and putting up the groceries. I sent my son Denton upstairs to take his things to his room, after a hour I realized I had not heard a sound so I went to go check up on him. I found him in his closet organizing his shoes. He also took everything out of his drawers and re-folded the clothes......who is this child? It just melted my heart that he took this task on himself.
I think his underwear drawer looks better than mine!

Now for GASC, first I want to say "Thank You" to everyone that came out to help us. I was in the class room all day Thursday and Friday, that's another whole blog post for later this week. So my wonderful husband Nolan ran the booth with Lynn, Marie, Heidi and our new friend Randy from Canvas Corps. This year we added another booth for more room and had this wonderful black display wall to show off all the awesome examples the design team made. Maya Road Misters were the most popular thing in our booth, with me using it in the classes and Heidi demoing it in the booth.
Everyone wanted the flower Annette made with Graphic 45 paper, Tim Holtz metal and the flower by Carolees Creation. We will be offering this as a class at the shop this summer.

I demoed the Paper Artsy stamps on copper metal all day Saturday, people went nuts over these adorable stamps from the UK.


Dee Dee said...

Wow for Denton! :) The store looked fabulous. Hope we get lots of new customers from convention again this year. :0

Lisa Pace said...

That boy is PERFECT! I wish I could have come to GASC this year. Totally bummed I missed it. Glad it went well for you. Miss you all.