Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Studio Space

One year ago this week, I converted a bedroom into my studio. These are pictures taken about that time. I have changed some of the layout over the year, but still find it a good place to hang out. I have a lot of vintage items in use and have lots of odds & ends on shelves to look at while I'm in there.

I really like these locker baskets on my shelves. They are a perfect size to hold my autumn leaves and crafty secret stamps standing up and to toss block stamps or ink pads into when I've used them. They are a great size for nearly anything and I like the fact that they are scuffed up and fit into my vintage style room.

As you see, I just have folding plastic tables set up to do work on. I have two areas where I have put glass down to make stamping better.

This is the closet now that the room is my studio. This is contstantly requiring reorganization as I accumulate more items. I have everything from fabric, lace, blank books to stickers and glue in here.

Does having the room make my creations better? Not really, but it definitely helps me with finding things to use on them and allows me to keep cats and kids out when I need to. My kitchen table still works pretty good for working at too, but is harder to 'secure'.


Aimee said...

Thank you so much your studio ROCKS.

Brook said...

I love your space! More inspiration for me as I plan my area in June!

DeeDee said...

Looks so fun in there. I can't believe you have so much stuff. :)