Monday, March 17, 2008

Black Diamond Stickles

Do you own Black Diamond Stickles? No? Oh my...get up right now and get to the store.

Black Diamond Stickles saved the life of this card...and a few others too. This card was about to soar into the trash - but I felt pity for it and left it overnight on my table.

The next morning I remembered the savior of all pathetic cards - BLACK DIAMOND STICKLES. I applied a generous amount to the flower center and it changed the look of the whole card.

Now this card is signed and about to pop into an envelope. Without the black diamond stickles, I shudder to think where it would be now (the trash man comes tomorrow).



Sherri said...

Stickles are fabulous aren't they? Cute card

Susie said...

Stickles MAY be better than ice cream. No wait - let me restate that. Stickles are the ice cream of scrapbooking!


Brook said...

I would say this card is sticklicious! I too find that stickles adds life to all projects whether you spread it in a thin layer all over to add shine, or you dot it. It adds depth and interest! Great job!

Heidi said...

Now I am going to have to check my stash!!! I know I have like 3 different white's but have I ever bought black????? Hum, off to check! P.S. Your work is fabo as always!