Monday, February 11, 2008

Cards from the January Card Swap

Well, with all the CHA excitement happening, I thought I would post these over on this blog for now. As usual, there were GREAT cards submitted and swapped. So many awesome cards made from 1 template as inspiration. To remind yourself of what the template was click HERE I love seeing how everyone interprets the template. The next swap is due the end of the month for cards, but if you check out on the forum, there are people looking for partners for circle journals, recipe card swaps and I'm looking for other ideas of what folks might want to swap! Enjoy these wonderful cards. I am just sorry that I had to be the one to photograph them and get them blurry....You'll be able to tell how pretty they really were though, since even blurry they are great!


Brook said...

Those are just gorgeous!

DeeDee said...

Those are lovely. I like all the love themes. :)

cindy said...

Eveyone did a beautiful job, fun to see the different looks.


Susie said...

Those are beautiful! I must get in on the next swap.