Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Transparencies aka Overlays

This month, when Carolyn said she wanted me to do a Valentine layout, I specifically wanted to do something with this overlay. I love the design of it and around the circle are the words 'it is the moments we will remember'. Of course, the granddaughter is a favorite subject for layouts and I loved this picture taken of her and my dad at Christmas time.

One of the best things about overlays/transparencies is how finished they make a page look without a lot of work. For this layout it took one piece of 12 x 12 paper and a piece of paper about 6 x 12 inches. I added a couple sparkles & flowers just for some interest and found this great rub on that said 'Because I never want to forget'. It seemed to say what I wanted and tied in well with the wording on the overlay. I think the circle might be a little intimidating but as you see one doesn't have to fill the cirle up, it is ok just to make the layout balanced within the circle.

You may or may not be able to tell by the picture that the paper and the color on the overlay do not match perfectly either, but I think they pull together well. (On the monitor it may look like they clash) I used a black and white print so that the color of the papers showed, rather than multiple colors in the picture. I think it makes the eye focus on the baby's face.

Next time I want to do a layout on top of a transparency. I think it would give a similar look to what I've seen on the acrylic albums. This layout is at the store if you want to take a closer look. There are also a couple other layouts with overlays there for your inspection.


joanna said...

Cool! Like the look of transparencies, I need to try one myself...it's been a long time. This layout is very nice...the subject matter is soooo cute.

DeeDee said...

Ditto on the cute subject matter. I've always wondered about the transparencies. I think you did a good job of creating the look on top of the overlay so it's not generic at all.

cindy said...

Very pretty. Will have to look at the real deal tomorrow.