Friday, February 29, 2008


I have to tell you that I probably have the best husband in the world. A few years ago I complained every day that my drive to work was too far and that I just couldn't do it anymore.

So without me even knowing, he found a wooded lot and then offered to build me a house there - cutting my drive time in half.

So we have this great house now - we have been in it nearly two years. And there are just two of us. We have so much room - it is unreal!

Upstairs on the second floor is my scrapbook studio. Mr. Wonderful installed beautiful wood cabinets and lots of workspace for me. It is just yummy.

From there, take four steps up and there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Thus the point of my post (whew - I bet you thought we'd never get here...but here we are).

While we were having the house built, I had lots of time to plan. And one of my plans was to decorate the upstairs bathroom for each season. And so I do. And it is truly the most fun. Summer is bright and beach-themed, fall is warm browns and oranges and greens, winter is light blue and red and snowflakey. Then there's Spring. Pinks, light peach, lavender, pale green and lots of Spring flowers - oh it has it all! My Spring shower curtain is a fun collection of bright colored butterflies. Searching for the fabric for each season is a blast. ...I digress...

What I want to tell you is to bust out those scrapbooking supplies and decorate a room or part of a room in your house. The picture above is made up of two scrapbook papers, a frame and a huge flower glued to the OUTSIDE of the frame. The jar in the top picture is filled with Spring silk flowers. Not too long ago, it was filled with Autumn flowers.

Look around and you will see decorating inspiration in everyday life - and recently I've noticed that the scrapbooking companies are really picking up on the home decor side of scrapbooking. So catch up! Decorate! Use those supplies in a new and fun way.


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Sherri said...

love it fun & easy to use papers & all like this