Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's That Time Of Year... join our card swap. Each month we have been doing cards and then swapping them. There are very few rules, but for new folks, here they are:
1) Do 10 cards based on the template provided for that month.
2) Please include envelopes for mailing
3) The cards may be the same, different or mixed. It does not matter.
4) The size does not matter, can be 4 x 5 or 5 x 8 or whatever.
5) Turn them in by the due date to the store, or let us know they are coming so we wait for them before doing the swap.
6) You can do a month here and there, you can do all the months, you just have to bring them to the store to participate
7) Have Fun. This is the most important really. Those participating have often found that this is a great way to try out new techniques, find out about new techniques and to become a better crafter..It's not about the skill though, it is about having fun and maybe learning in the process.

I might throw in that some have done digital cards, some have done paper (cut and glue) type of cards and some have done mixed don't let this be an excuse. Also, signing your cards on the back is always appreciated.

Ready? Here is the template for January & cards are due in the store by January 31, 2008:

December's Card swap was just WOW! There is just not another word to describe these. With this being such a busy time of year, we were uncertain how many would be able to participate in the card swap AND then how much time would anyone have to make cards....WELL, the cards that came in were amazing. There were fewer people who played this time, BUT the cards were awesome. This is the template that was provided for December:

The photographs can not do them justice, but I share some here anyway.


Brook said...

The card template isn't there. But I am thinking that I would really love to do some digi ones!

The Crafty Scrapper said...

I put the template back into the blog, so am hoping it shows up now. Several had said it wasn't coming up! There is a picture posted at the store too, if anyone is by there!

Anipc said...

nice cards! Great job everyone. I hope to one day participate in a swap and a crop!