Thursday, December 20, 2007

Try It, You'll Like It!

Well, not real snow, but fun snow anyway! This is an acrylic book in the shape of a house. It is only four pages and as you can see each page is a layer in the roofing. Along with the acrylic book I played with Snowtex to make snow on my rooftops. Since I had never done an acrylic book before, I really just experimented with several things. I stamped on it-worked great! I used rub-ons. They also worked great! I put paper "behind" the acrylic and on the top of the page both were great. I tried diamond glaze and 2-in-1 glue--both worked ok, but there is still some evidence of the gluing if you look at the paper through the acrylic.

Things I would do now that I know what I know...use less glue on the paper; make little windows that you could see through to the next page; maybe use less paper; use more stamps; add papers in between the acrylic to make a bigger book; make one like a gingerbread house; and so on.

Anyway, it is down at the store if you want to see it in person. If not, hope you can tell from the pictures what it looks like. Carolyn made a different style of acrylic book that is adorable! Show us what you did with yours!

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