Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Design Team Challenge with Patty

Hi Everyone! It's Patty again with my entry for The Crafty Scrapper Design Team challenge.

  This little mini album is a work of heart that I have wanted to create for quite some time, now.

The subject of the little album is the place in the country owned by my grandparents when I was a child. It was officially named "Echo Hills", but we just called it "The Farm". Although many homes and a school have sprouted up on the same land in the last forty years, I remember it as if it was yesterday. Now, I have a treasured little album to pass along to my children, so they will also have a chance to experience this little bit of Heaven on Earth. After all, what better reason for scrapbooking, than to pass our memories along to future generations?

I have always enjoyed interactive scrapbooking and this little envelope seemed perfect to list the variety of crops that Dandad grew in his garden.

These two photos are of my parents holding me, at less than a month old, then at about six months. They were both taken at the farm.
My grandfather was Sheriff of Tarrant County and later, the United States Marshal for The Northern District of Texas. Every year, there was a law enforcement picnic held at the farm and everyone would have a grand time, but I think that I enjoyed them the most!

There was  a lake, where we not only fished, but would throw sticks into the water for the dogs to retrieve during warm months.  There were several ponds at the farm, and I remember my grandmother and me catching fish there. It is one of my fondest memories of her. In the page on the right, is a photo of my horse, Diamond, and me. I was sixteen.

Be sure to stop by my blog to see more photos of this little album. I hope you will leave a comment there. Better yet, stop by The Crafty Scrapper and see it on display.


Jean said...

This is wonderful!

Gingersnaps and Butterflies said...

This layout is so beautiful Patty! I love the photos and the design is so perfect!!

Micupoftea said...

Beautiful work, Patty! What an idyllic place to spend time with family. Fishing? Your own horse? SO glad you had wonderful times with your grandparents :)