Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New Timbergrove with Melissa

Hi everyone, it is Melissa here again today to share another project with you!

This one took me a while just to get the last details on .. and yep, it was worth the wait!!!   The last thing on was the snow -- and boy does the internet have some great recipes but all I could hear was Wendy Vecchi's voice in my head "I don't have time to wait for that!"   

First off -- You must start with fantabulous supplies.. all of which are available at the store -- and for my online buddies, The Craft Scrapper has an online store as well.  If you want something here and it is not on the site, I am sure Carolyn can get it to you anyway.  

You have heard me say it before, Stickles makes the world a better place --- it is schmeared onto the ribbon simulating snow resting on the top of the boxes.    Don't forget to doodle around items or trace around pre printed words for just the right dramatic effect.   Note:  black and white check around the box, doodle circle (and stickles) around the dots on the paper and finally tracing the word 'flakes' with a diamond star in the 'a'. 

Think outside the box!!!   A Snowflake traced with white pen, dots added and cut in half makes for perfect WINGS!!!!!  And seriously, who doesn't love pearl brads -- I love it right smack in the middle of the O

 And here it is folks... the moment you have all been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
With the above mentioned (and pictured) spatula, I ever so gently wiped the white modeling paste across the top of the page and with my finger smushed (yes it is a technical term) down the rough edges.   Let it dry.   Then with my finger smeared Wendy's Translucent modeling paste and sprinkled iridescent glitter...   and POOF

Thanks so much for having a read of my post.



Awesome book, Melissa! Love the snow!

craftyscrapper said...

Great vintage piece, I am going to copy this for a ski trip and frame it!