Sunday, January 24, 2010

Real Wood

This evening, we attended the Creative Imaginations show party. The company provided supper, meeting with the sales representatives for ordering, and several make and takes with their design team.

The theme was Real Wood. A product they are introducing this show is wood to be used in crafting. It was a feature of many of the make and takes. It is very thinly cut wood in different styles and sizes. We think you will enjoy working with it in your projects. As you can see, they did several projects with it. It is so hard to really appreciate it in the pictures sadly.

Other products that we ordered from Creative Imaginations include LuminArte Twinkling H20 and Mudd Puddles.

Luminarte Twinkling H20 is not a new product for us, but it is an updated product. It not only comes in the little pots now, but is now sold as a spray and a dauber. The spray and dauber are a thin liquid, water based with lots of sparkle. Yes, we played with these in make and takes too. The pots work like they always have and if you have used them, you know they can add a lot to stamping and other art work.

Mudd Puddles is a product that applies like a textured thick glue, but is sand. The company describes it as a frosting texture. This picture shows it as little sea horses, it is hard to tell exactly how it looks in our picture, but their website shows it better.

What are your thoughts?


Dee Dee said...

All looks interesting! :) Now we need T!M's new machine to use with the wood.

Shannan Teubner said...

Ooh I love the new Mud Puddles stuff! Hadn't seen that yet.
Have you seen October Afternoon yet?

Annette said...

More, More, More!!! Thinking of you guys today...

a_manda said...

LOVING the Mudd Puddles!!!

Brook said...

I really love all the neat textures you are throwing at us!