Sunday, January 31, 2010

Countdown To Valentine's Day

This time of year can cause anyone to have a drop in inspiration and creativity. To combat this drop, we want to encourage you to make some tags for the next 12 days. Today is the first one. Your tag does not have to be exactly like this one, but we hope you will use this one as a starting point at least. At the end, we will ask for you to send us your tags and we will give a great prize to someone who sends in the pics. This tag is for Monday, which will be day one. The second one will be posted Tuesday.

In the meantime, let us know if you are doing these along with us! (thanks Susie for making these great inspirational tags for the countdown)


Dee Dee said...

Oooh I'll play! :)

divester said...

I am playing - I made a tag tonight - similar but not exactly like yours- believe it or not I didn't have exactly the same things you used.

Frank said...

Love all the layers on this tag...very cool.