Thursday, January 21, 2010

Maya Road Catalog

I will not even try to put a picture of the catalog on our blog. It is so easy to see them all over at Maya Road's blog here

I hope you will also take some time to be inspired by the blogs and items made by their design team members. Oh, the fun we'll have when we get our hands on the new stuff here!

(Yes, this is from their last release, but we like them a lot!)

NOW, you may or may not know, that in the past, when Carolyn headed off to CHA to search for treasure, Sherri did some playing in the store. Usually, she would move displays around and adjust things in the store in preparation for the new items coming from the CHA adventure. Well, this year, Sherri is going with Carolyn to CHA.

So, what will happen in the store? (thank you for asking) The Ten Seconds Studio wall has been prepped for addition of new metals and molds already. Spaces have been cleared in the other sections for new papers and goodies. Racks and cabinets have been set up with the hopes of new items. (Don't freak out when you see the blank spots) However, the Maya Road corner and the cardstock area has NOT been prepped yet. This will have to wait until after CHA.

(a picture of how the coffee bar looked 5 years ago)

All of this story is to reassure you. To let you know that extra space will be made for all the goodies you see on this catalog. and to let you know... We'll let you know as soon as they get to the store, even if their space is not ready!

PS: You have to see the new molds that Ten Seconds Studio just posted on their blog. (see below)

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Dee Dee said...

MR goodies look awesome!