Friday, January 22, 2010


We made it! It was raining here, but cleared up this evening. We found our way to the convention center. The actual show we will be doing our ordering at does not start until Sunday morning, however, there is a retail craft show going on today and tomorrow. We paid to attend the retail show and walked around to see what it was like.

Here is Crafty Chica aka Megan Darrow. This was set up at a booth in the show for pictures. Cheryl Darrow was demonstrating at one of the booths, so we got to see and touch the Kabuka molds. As with nearly everything, they are even better in real life than on-line.

The Crafty Secrets group was set up at this show. They have some really cute stuff out new too. Check more out here. We will visit them in the trade show and get our hands on it for y'all.

We also ran into Cheryl Mezzetti. AND what was she wearing? The domino necklace that Carolyn made for her when she was at our store last year! How about that?

We have received emails from some of you letting us know your thoughts on the sneak peeks all the manufacturers have been showing on their web sites. Feel free to leave comments here too. We will get to touch and feel it starting Sunday morning and will let you know what we see.


Annette said...

ooops! meant to post my comment here. Anyway, get a good night's sleep and put your runnin shoes on in the mornin! love ya!

Annette said...

Oh yeah, I want those crafty secret cut-outs you showed. I'm thinkin of a vintage, pop-up cigar box with Artsy stamps and those fun little Crafty Secret guys. Yum!

Brook said...

I totally love those crafty secrets vintage babies. How cool is it that someone famous was wearing carolyn's art! Gotta make you happy! I can't wait to see what else you see.! That meagan is a kook! LOL!

Cindy said...

Lovin the Crafty Secrets goodies. I had seen it on some one else's blog and it is really cute! Hope y'all can stay dry!

yapping cat

DeeDee said...

Crafty Secrets - holla!

cheryl mezzetti said...

you crack me up! I wore the other necklace you gave me for the 2nd half of the show! Love you and your store! xo