Wednesday, January 20, 2010

and Still More....

I don't know what sites you have been roaming to see all the 'sneak peeks' of new products. There are a lot of them aren't there.

These are new molds by Ten Seconds Studio . We are expecting a shipment. We had a couple of them to look at, but sold them before we could post them.

They also came out with some new metal colors which we will share with you at the store. We also have some new techniques to show you in using the metals. You could watch their videos for some new techniques if you want as well.

no end in sight to the new see ya... Later!

Edited late this evening to add:

Cheryl just posted the new Kabuka molds and you will LOVE them! Go over and take a look.


Dee Dee said...

Happy things are selling fast. :)

Alisa Brandstetter said...

I didn't realize TSS was shipping new molds out before cha. I want one or two and also the new metal color that is a darker pink. Can't wait until you get some more in.