Friday, April 04, 2008

What's on my work table?

....usually I start with a blank work table because I am really good about cleaning up after myself. But presently I am in various stages of 3 projects - so there is a little bit of everything right within my reach.
I DID have to go through a few stamps to find the ones I wanted, but everything else on this card was begging to jump off my desk and onto the card.
If you are wondering how I got those scallops around the outside of my card, here is my secret. I used a piece of Bazzil scalloped paper which (of course) was not the right width. So I cut the paper down the middle, lined up 2 scallops and then cut them both. Then I used tape on the back to join the papers back together. Voila! Instant border.
I plan to scrapbook this weekend. I hope you will too!

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Brook said...

You know...that is a great idea on the scallopped edges. I traced around a piece of scallopped cardstock for my LO yesterday! I love your cards. I'm hoping for some great scrapping time this weekend.