Monday, April 07, 2008

Scrap a T-shirt

Well, I just returned from my Sister's Weekend in CA. We had a blast!! Shopping, eating, laying out by my sister's pool, more shopping, eating, and non-stop laughter! Here is the shirt I "created", digitally. Actually, Melissa did the design in Photoshop then emailed it to me. After she scanned my sister's toddler picture, she added wings, crown, etc and POOF! it was a digitally scrapped image ready for print! I ran it off on Avery t-shirt transfer paper and took it to the t-shirt shop. They put each transfer on the shirts ("Sister's Weekend 2008 Amy turns 40!" was on the back of the shirt). Soooo easy and you could do it to! BTW, we were unable to get on the Ellen show, but had a great time anyway!

Here is a picture of our whole group, wearing our shirts, of course! Amy is the one wearing the boa (a sister's b-day tradition) and my niece's friend, Brenna, is wearing the crown (it was her 18th b-day). I'm on the end holding my 10 month old niece, Andee. Yes, she had a t-shirt too!


DeeDee said...

Such a cute idea. :)

Brook said...

I love the scrap a T shirt
I have done this for Cody's hats and shirts for his special school projects! Looks awesome! I'm glad you had such a good time!