Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hybrid Gals

If you are a digital gal, you have got to get in the store and grab some of these new Maya Roads Albums. It is so easy to make a home made template for any of these albums.

1. Come to the store pick out an album you like

2. Take on page and put it on the scanner and scan

3. Place the jpeg into your photo editing program

4. Use your magnetic lasso and cut around the shape

5. Left click and choose cut by layer

6. Throw away the excess in the trash.

7. Save as a png file and keep it for use forever.

When you want to use your template. Go to file and open the jpeg. Then you place your paper on top of the template and click control G (in PSE) and the paper will take the shape of the template. Then press control E and it merges.

Too many people make Layouts and don't print them. Using these albums insures that you will see these great LOs. Then, you can add dimension by adding tradition elements.

This is the hybrid project I am working on now. I've done all the digi insides, but the cover is going to be done in paper. I will share when I am finished.

I think mixing mediums makes for interesting textures and art work.

As I've said before, if you buy one of the albums at the store let me know and I will share my templates if I have made one.

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Aimee said...

You rock....i do not even know what half the files are you refre to....i am not very computer savy