Friday, April 04, 2008

Photography, the magic hour

You know that time of night you are ready to go in the house and start the wind down routine, STOP!!!! Take 15 more minutes and get out your camera. It is a magical time behind the lens. I have probably taken this picture every year when someone has had their sprinklers on and the kids run up and down in the water. I need to learn photoshop desperately so I can take the cars out of the pictures, but that is for another day. I did not use any special settings on my camera, this is just how delicious the sky looks at the "magic hour" so take an extra 15 minutes at least once a week and just go snap happy and find the beauty around you. And remember the best embelishment on our pages is a good photo!!!!
Have a scrappy day!
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Funky Giraffe said...

Aweome photograph!!! Great advice too...Thanks for the reminder.

Brook said...

Truer words were never spoken! Well done!