Monday, November 16, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

...OH MY.

Well, we really didn't have any of those visit us at the store today, but we think you'll be excited about what we did get done.

Annette brought in the items that she will teach in the Santa's Workshop for pre-teens next week.

Here is a peek at them:

Cute picture frame / gingerbread house.

Banner with Picture Frames

Pendant for a Necklace

SO, get those pre-teens signed up while you can!

A second thing ready today is the book we will use for the cookie swap/class in December.
During the class, you will complete this book and swap recipes which can be placed into this book.
Dates of the class will be December 15 and 19th at 10:30 am each day.

Pictures just can't pick up the full prettiness of any of these projects. and full details for both classes are here.

And for those who have been patiently (&/or impatiently) waiting....Flower Soft is finally here! 15 colors, a few of their stamps and a couple of kits. We definitely have the polar white color for this time of year. We plan to have it incorporated into a card class in January.

More later.

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DeeDee said...

Yeah I was wondering how the lions, and tigers would work into the story. ;)