Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween Follow Up

Finally, a few of the pictures from the Trick or Treat Day on the Square. We were visited by kids in many types of costumes. Accompanied by parents, hundreds of children came by to get a treat. With merchants all around the square handing out candy, each child could get quite a bag full!

How cute are they?

This princess is a special part of our design team (as a model)-Ask her grandma.

another super special model:

and you may also know this guy! He has been in a few layouts and books over the years.

In case you didn't recognize the last one, that's Carolyn's son. He came up with the costume on his own and was quite an actor, portraying a much older man.

Wanna know what items are new in the store? You'll have to check back on Friday's post!

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DeeDee said...

Super cute pics. We had a fun time on the square. Love that everyone participates.