Friday, November 13, 2009

Hmmm, Food or Mist?

Oh MY! Today we received an order of the newest Maya Road items. They JUST released some items this week and our order has made it already. It is sometimes really hard to work at the store, know that there are new releases coming, finally seeing them online and then waiting for them to come in. Ok, there are worse things, but you know what I mean... This time though, there was a quick delivery, so the worst part of it all now is what to or mist? Oh, you thought I'd say which MR thing to buy? ha, never a challenge...ALL of it is awesome.

Did you notice those cute little trinket pins? Heart shaped tops! Perfect for all occasions. Carolyn will have a few of them poking through flowers soon. Oh, look, new flowers to poke them through! Aren't these great colors?

Not enough colors of mist for you? Well, there are many more now. I have only included a few of them here. There is Carnation Pink, Mulberry Red, Fern Green, Hydrangea Blue, Dark Cornflower Blue, Silver Plated Metallic Sunflower Yellow.

We received samples of all of the mists, but the mists themselves won't be in the store until next week. You can reserve it though by calling or coming by the store and paying for what you want. We will put it back for you. Only limited numbers of the mists will be coming in, so we think it might go pretty fast!

Speaking of food. There is a new mini chipboard set of cooking utensils. Perfect to use in a class for January!

Later, Sherri

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DeeDee said...

It's an expensive hobby for sure, but I love it. :)