Sunday, May 18, 2008

Trying New Things

I have been looking at this little Maya Road album and thinking it looked like the shape of a shell. It is actually a large flower with the center the large circle and the small portion the petals, but it kept catching my eye as a shell. So I finally gave in and made it into a little album with a shell on the cover. I used miscellaneous ribbons & fibers and a little K&Co charm as well to try to give it a beach feel. The word 'life' is a rub on.

I love this poem/prose piece and thought it fit the shell theme, then printed out a few pictures of my brother's family at the beach. The colors of them and the sillhouette picture were great.

I used pearl mixative from Ranger over the real shell to make it shiny. The small shell is actually an embelishment from K&Co, as is the one inside the book. I used the mixative on those as well as chalk inks to adjust the color and sheen.

Although I am like most of us and don't like to see my own handwriting & think that it always looks better typed or printed-I did write in the book. I am trying to push myself on this and just have to do it and move on. Its my writing, not artistic, but mine.

The papers are K & Co as well. I also used scalloped sheers and travel chipboard key ring pieces from Maya Road for decorating the pages as well as a few embelishments from the paper line and a few ribbon/fibers. A few ribbons and stamping and I decided it was done.

Overall, I'd say I was pleased with the results although parts of it 'annoy' me, I think it turned out ok.

I leave you three challenges from this experience: 1) try something you have been wanting to for a while &/or 2) make something into something it was not intended to be &/or 3) use your own handwriting on pages even if you don't like the looks of it.


Brook said...

I love the album and I love the challenge. On Saturday, I will give it a try.

DeeDee said...

I think this is the most original mini album I've seen. I like how you've woven all the elements together. Fantastic! :)

rachel whetzel said...

Sherri, I LOVE your book!! Love it. Just popping in over here, because I had to google you to try to find y ou somewhere on line... your blogger profile is set to private, so I can't click on your comments on my blog, and on GutterGirlz to visit YOURS!! I'd love to be able to do that.

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

sherri,i cannot believe i actually found you - you left a comment on a blog post of mine about a vintage children's garden book {the polka dot barn}.
there was no email or blog profile to contact you by so i googled you and i think i actually found the right sherri:)
yes, i think you had the same book. and yes, it is so very precious; especially since it was my husband's.

and, don't know if you're aware or not, but i live in texas, also.

thanks for your blog comment. i appreciate you taking the time!