Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another crazy weekend at the store.............

Downtown Waxahachie started the weekend off with a live band playing outside the courthouse and a carnival for the kids, this was to kick off the celebration of the Mini Grand Prix that races around the downtown square every year. As usual I always forget about all the events and plan a big event at the store. This weekend we had Cheryl Darrow and Tracy Pounds from Ten Seconds Studio come teach two awesome classes. Here's a picture of the sheer book Tracy created just for the Crafty Scrapper customers.
We had so many customers come from all over the meteroplex, some even drove all the way from Austin to take these classes.
The reviews from the customers were that this was one of the best classes they have taken and a wonderful day spent at the store. Thank you Cheryl and Tracy for bringing two great classes to the store........we love your product, your creations, and especially your personalities!
With 3 scrapbook retreats going on, all the events at the square, classes back to back and people shopping at the store for the first was a crazy fun filled weekend. Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


Brook said...

I had a great time at the first class. The ten second studio gals were awesome!

Denise said...

Well if my husband doesn't figure out how much I spent this weekend I may live...Your store is AWSOME and both times I have come I have spent way too much but it is worth getting in trouble.. The class was fun and LOVED it but then I am used to classes from these two Wonderful Ladies, I' ve never had a class from either Cheryl or Tracy I did not Love.I am Blessed to have them in my backyard but now if we could get someone like yall in our backyard I would be in hog heaven.Just have to hold my cravings till I can come to your wonderful little town again....And of course wait till I can get my hands on the Hubby's wallet again. Thanks for letting us all come in and invade Waxahatchie oops! dont think I spelled that correct .....and Maypearl for the weekend....Your loyal not so local Local scrap supporter....Denise LOL