Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My 2 Sheets of Paper Challenge

I like to challenge myself every once in a while and Sunday night I decided I needed to do this project with only TWO pieces of 12x12 paper. I allowed myself a sheet of black paper too for some matting - but that was it.
The secret to my success was double sided paper and scotch tape. I love slicing up sheets of paper and taping them back together, instead of layering them. The design seems cleaner and the paper stretches further. The paper I used was from the Cogsmo collection of Cosmo Cricket. Lately I am just in mad, passionate love with CC.
I recently completed a project for a gal at work using the Dutch Girl collection. I think that is when my love affair begain with Cosmo Cricket.
Anyway, back to my challenge. I truly had 2 little 5x2 and 3x4 bits of paper left when I completed this. So my challenge was a success.
What can you do with two sheets of paper? We would love to see it at the Crafty Scrapper next time you come by.


Annette said...

WOW! Great challenge and lovely layout!

Brook said...

What an awesome challenge! I love it. I am so going to have to do this! I think that paper is one of the great pleasures in life!