Monday, May 12, 2008


I love elements! I love just looking through the racks and looking at all that shiny bling. Buttons, stickers, flowers, name it, I want it. But...when I get home, instead of using it all up, I stare at it in cute little containers. Well no more of that. I am making my elements work for me.
No more using one element here or there. That makes the layout look flimsy.
Make a powerful statelment by grouping your elements together in clusters.
In this LO I used Zach's Life paper and elements from Little Yellow Bicycle. (This is a must have for your big boys.) I grouped journaling strips on the right side of the paper. Then, on the bottom left hand corner, I used the sticker buttons and stickers as well as a Maya Roads swirl.

I used a pop dot, or sometimes two to create some added depth and dimension. I took a pictures so you could see how I did it. I think the LO works. I don't think it would have looked nearly as cute with only one or two elements. Besides....those elements would still be stuck to the contact page. daring...use those elements. Make them work for you. They are decoration for your page not your scrapbooking nook.

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Sherri said...

This is a really sharp layout. I totally agree with using several for a statement of impact.