Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hi I am Betty

Scrapbooking was Love At First Sight! My first Daughter-In-Love was showing me her albums on our visit to Albuquerque, New Mexico. I sat up ALL night long, doing what Scrappers do with glazed eyes frantically trying to absorb it all. For years it was the only location of a Scrap booking store, it was small, but it was always the first and last place on our trips out to see them. My mission since then, trying all the new stuff and loving it all. The toys invented for us really keeps my creative juices flowing even after 12 years. I love the crops as I always learn something new from others. Being a Mother of Five, Grandmother of 14 and now a new Great Grandmother, I never run out of pictures. My previous history is teaching Oil Painting and Crafting.

I inherited my crafty side from my Mother and Grand Mother, now to pass it on to others is a delight for me. My love of pictures was instilled early in my life by my dear Mother. She told us to take pictures of everyday stuff not just special occasions. You think you will remember things, or looks, but time and age will dim those precious memories. Sometimes tragedies will happen and you may lose the chance to get that cherished picture. They had 2 house fires when she was growing up and lost most pictures that they had. Our children and grandchildren are living in a special time when they can actually see earlier descendants that have passed on. My husband and I have discussed how exciting it would be to see yourself as a small child or to be able to see your great grand parents on a video or CD. You could get more of a vision of their personality by actually seeing them. Kudos to modern technology. The wide scope of Scrap booking is truly fantastic……have a blast!

Here are some things I just completed.......

The Canvas Album was just a real treat to make. This is my youngest Grandchild…not hard at all to decide what I wanted to do. The tag on the front holds one of the smallest pictures you wonder how to use them. The Stretched Canvas is the front and back for your Album with card stock folded for you inner pages. Embellish with “out of the box” imagination. As you see I love sewing, metal, ribbons, brads, stamping and chalking. The Sticker Borders are really great on this type of Scrap booking.

The Cousins is on an 8 X 10 Canvas Panel, use any size to fit your need of space or pictures. I mounted magnets on the back to make it an Ice Box note holder. When I printed the pictures of the girls, I just had to make this. How cute would it be to make one for each child as their own personal message center? Possibilities would be chores to do, items they need to get, just an I Love You note, more pictures or game schedule for the pocket across the bottom. Another idea would be to purchase a metal pan, tray etc and hang it in their room. So easy and quick to make. Good Birthday and Christmas gifts for their friends too.


Sherri said...

Always lovely work!

annetteprudhomme said...

You have such a terrific work ethic...even with your scrappin hobby! Your grandchildren are precious and you create priceless treasures for them!

Dee Dee said...

I really need to get on the ball taking pics of everyday life. Two cameras and I never think to snap anything.