Friday, January 25, 2013

Introducing Our Newest Design Team Member........

Anita Houston! Join us in welcoming Anita to the Crafty Scrapper Design Team. I had the pleasure of getting to know Anita at RangerU last year and feel in love with her work, her passion of the industry and her bubble personality.
I probably live the furthest away being in Midland, Texas, but I would drive further if I had to in order to get My Crafty Scrapper fix! It's a fabulous store, and I am thrilled to be on the Design Team here. Thank you Carolyn!

I was raised in the mountains of New Mexico, but I've also lived in El Paso, Morton (West Texas) and San Antonio before settling down in Midland, after my husband, Rick, graduated Law School. We were married right after I graduated collage from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales in 1993, with a degree in Education. I taught elementary school for 10 years, before quitting to help my husband run his businesses, as well as spend more time with our family. We have three crazy, smart, and gorgeous children, who pretty much run our lives, ages 16, 13, and 10.
I've been interested in creating things ever since I can remember. The wonderful and vivid memory of my first box of 48 Crayola Crayons still resonates within me whenever I see a box. Pure euphoria of the box of 96 (With the ultra cool sharpener!) a few years later, was the highlight of my 6th grade year! I took every craft oriented style class I could in Junior High and High School...from Wood Shop to Leather Tooling to Welding. Cooking, baking, and crafting with my talented Mother was a way of life for me, and we participated in Craft Shows from my Junior High years and on. We made and sold so many things for extra income, and I adopted that philosophy all through collage as well. I even took in a Jewelry Making class, and sold my wares. If Basket Weaving would have been offered I would have taken it too.
I'm thankful I have the opportunity to pass my love for cooking, baking, and crafting to my daughter, who also likes to create with me. While I don't sell much anymore, but hope to again soon, I am good at hoarding all things crafty. I really have a problem getting rid of potential elements for Art. I dabble in so many genres, and enjoy it all immensely, and especially love to teach what I know in person or on my blog.
You can see my work, tutorials, and video tutorials on my blog The Artful Maven Haven at .

This amazing village was featured on Tim Holtz blog at Christmas,
The Hood at Christmas Time!
Here are a few more of Anita's projects, be looking for her work in the store we are so excited to have her join us!


I am going to leave you with this amazing canvas Anita made for her husband. Be sure and go HERE for close-ups and details on this amazing piece!


"The Cat Lady"

Send you address to and we will mail out your prize. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments.

Have a great weekend!


julie case said...

Congrats Anita!! So happy for you! Loved getting to know you better :)

Donna Gibson said...

Yay for you, Anita! And yay for the Crafty Scrapoer, too! So excited for you both! I was hoping to see the AWESOME Ben Franklin tag again! It's my favorite of all time!!

Sharon Y said...

Yippee for you! Great addition to your team. Looking forward to the collaboration.

Vic said...

Great choice, congrats, Anita!

The Cat Lady said...

So excited to win! Can't wait to create with these goodies....Thanks sooooo much!

LOVE these project by Anita!!! Can't wait to see more beautiful creations.

Ally White Cat said...

Congrats Anita you are so deserving of the very best.
susan s.

Sams Home Cooked Designs said...

Great work here look forward to seeing more. Sam

Anita Houston said...

WOW!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!