Thursday, November 06, 2008

Gift Ideas

Betty, of the design team made some games from Maya Road Items. At the front of the store is a table full of ideas for gifts &/or home decor items that the design team has prepared for our customers. The hope is that it will give some inspiration for great gifts on a low budget. Most can be made in a small amount of time as well.

This first game is travel tic-tac-toe. She used an empty Maya Road Tin, placed ribbon inside for the grid. She then made two shapes to play with and put them in other smaller Maya Road Tins. The game shapes are magnetized so that they don't slide around even in travel. Clever idea made from left over items.

The second game is one she came up with on her own. Designed to be played by smaller children, it is a matching game. The instructions are pretty clear in the pictures. She used Maya Road Coaster book in a box along with the Maya Road Stamps for the animals.
As you can see, there is an animal stamped on the coaster from the box and in the bag is the same animal stamped on the animal shaped key chain by Maya Road. Again, an easy to make game for children and great for travel or home play.

The design team has been thinking about and preparing items for a month or so to provide inspiration to shoppers. I hope you will take time and visit the table at the front for more clever and inexpensive ideas for your holidays.


Brook said...

I always love to see what Betty does! She is so creative. I am getting ideas about matching cupcake tops and bottoms!

DeeDee said...

So cute! I really like the animal book/game.

caroline said...

love the games