Thursday, July 19, 2007

Parties, Parties, All Kinds of Parties........

The Crafty Scrapper has been busy with parties this week. Thursday, a group of girls came in to celebrate the birthday of a sweet 11 yr old girl. Annette created a great paper bag book titled Friends for the girls to each make.

The newer crop area is perfect for having parties. There is a table that can be set up for gifts, cake or other goodies, still allowing plenty of room for cropping at other tables.

Wednesday night it was a group of ladies from Bible school who came in for a special party. This group also decorated a paper bag book designed by Annette. The group looked very intent on making these books. The smiles on their faces indicate what kind of time they had together.

There have been parties in the past at the store, but with the advertising at Chick-fil-a, several more parties are getting booked here at the store.

There is a lot of flexibility in how parties can be booked. Some prefer to just do their own projects and enjoy each other's company that way. Others want a project to do. Annette or Carolyn will design a project appropriate for the group and the time. Some groups may prefer to do a project their entire time, while others want the project to just take up a portion of their reserved time.

Wednesday morning, a group of High School Seniors came in to celebrate graduating. For this class, Annette designed an album with a small canvas as the cover and accordion pages that very neatly fold behind the cover.

There are so many options for the project and for the party. Some projects done in past parties include making a table canvas, a mini album such as the paper bag album or the small canvas album and a clothes pin picture holder.

The ideas and product selections are nearly endless. Celebrating together this way is wonderful for any age group. These groups were small, but the store can accommodate other sizes of groups. Let us design a party for your group!

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