Sunday, July 22, 2007

My budding artist......

For those of you who have not encountered my son in the shop,
this is Denton. In the last couple of months he has shown
a big interest in drawing and his own style of scrapbooking
(that was after we found him climbing the gridwall at the store,
after the super hero stickers).
Well this wonderful son of mine woke up Friday and informed me that he was going to start making his own toys. He had it all figured out, he just needed wood and paint, so off to the store we went. When my husband got home he was waiting for him at the door with his diagram. They cut the wood out in the image of his monster snowman and then waited for me to come home to paint (that was my part). I have been watching him carefully paint this all day and just wanted to share with you my little artist. You have to agree the monsters look alike ....and no I didn't help him! Now he has informed me his opening a toy shop in the garage!


Marie Q Photography said...

I love it!!!

tiedupinribbons said...

VERY cute! Love the Denton Stories!