Sunday, July 22, 2007

And More Parties...

In the store this week were Mary, Teena, Yvonne and Mary Lou. This is a group that has cropped together for several years. They all used to live near one another, but have had to deal with being separated from each other lately. Now, they meet up at the Crafty Scrapper, which is about halfway between the cities they live in now. About 6 weeks ago, they were in the store and we found out that they have celebrated each other's birthdays for many years too. At that time it was Yvonne's birthday (front right). They came in during the day, brought cake, a balloon and celebrated her birthday by being together and working on their own projects.

This month it was Mary Lou's birthday--she's the one in the Tiara, in case you weren't sure. They again brought cake---actually brownies in cupcake tins and other things to celebrate the occasion. Glad you partied with us ladies!

More about the "No Frills" Crop in tomorrow's post.

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Sherri said...

If you were there, you knew that they were having a party! always neat to see people having fun.