Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

If you have been to the store, then you know that the front door sticks when we have had a lot of rain. Today,this was not a problem. We could keep the door open and let the sun and warmth fill the store. Wasn't it great outside today?

Perhaps you have seen this little sample at the front counter of the store.

This was made with a shadow box frame from Darcie. These come in many sizes-from 3 inches up to 8 inches across (see pic below). The can be built easily and make great shadow boxes. The examples that Darcie makes include her stamps and other items she makes. We have some of her stamps in the store too. Take a minute to check them out next time you come by the store.

Of course, you probably already know about these items. We have some still in stock.
If you had pre-ordered them, you can either pick up what has come in now or wait until all of them arrive-either way they are held back for you. The texture fades and a few of the dies were not shipped yet. Several were shipped this week to us and are now on the shelves for sale.

The sun coming out today made it more real that Spring and Summer are on their way. Creative Imaginations newest Travel line and their newest national park papers are out on the shelf as of today.

The travel line has really nice soft colors and would work for many places and types of activities.

The National Park papers are like landscape watercolor paintings on a 12 x 12 paper. The three parks included in this release are Grand Canyon (with Lake Mead), Yosemite including the falls and Great Smoky Mountains. These join in with the other camping lines we have been getting.

We also have two new birthday lines from Creative Imaginations. The first is called Birthday Bliss from Basics 101. The other is from the Old Guys Rule line. I do not have pictures of those, but they are great lines too, perfect for all the birthday scrapping you will be doing this year!


Lisa said...

I saw these little frames at CHA and loved them...

Michelle ~ said...

love the travel line Nat'l Park papers!!