Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today my baby turns "8"!

Last week was crazy, we had 2 birthdays at the shop, my sons birthday, Cheryl Mezzetti came in from Boston to teach and now I am getting ready to leave for the Fall show in Houston.

I use to make my sons invites, but life just doesn't seem to give me enough time these days. I am so blessed to have such a talented friend, MarieQ, who creates the most awesome invites...along with everything else she photographs.
Among my talented friends, is Heidi Perkins, who is the best kept secret in Waxahachie. She creates the most beautiful cookies and cakes, not to mention how great they taste too! She took his invite and the suggestions from the birthday boy and created this yummy cake...thanks Heidi!
It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. Most of you know that he is our miracle baby, after 10 years of trying everything, God blessed us with this most wonderful child.

Yes, it was as crazy as it looks. Taking 25 kids to the movies was nuts, but everyone had a blast and we did survive!

Sunday morning Cheryl Mezzetti from CI came to teach two awesome classes. This was my first time meeting Cheryl, and I will say she is a blast, great teacher and got the hang of the Texas lingo really fast......

The Fall Leaf class was my favorite, I even learn some new things.......


Hope everyone has a great week!
Cheryl Darrow, my crazy friend from Ten Seconds Studio, and I are leaving Friday for the Fall Trade show in Houston.....I cannot wait! I am taking 6 classes, 3 with Tim Holtz, a Bazzill class, Graphic 45 and Just Rite stamps. Sunday the trade show and helping Cheryl teach her workshop and Monday is a all day, lots of classes with CI. I will try and post pictures while I am gone.

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Dee Dee said...

Happy Birthday to Denton. 25 kids at the movies! :) His cake looked so cool. I want to see the leaf book. Did she leave any kits for it?