Friday, January 23, 2009

We are off to CHA.............

Its that time of year, we are headed to California to the Winter CHA. Be sure and check our blog out, we will be posting our favorite's and updates of all the goodies.

Here is all the new stuff Maya Road is coming out with, and yes we ordered it ALL! We are excited to tell you that it is all shipping, except for a few things, next Friday. So all you Maya Road Junkies can get your hands on it that following Monday!

We want to hear from you guys what are your top 3 favorite new Maya Road products and why. When we get back we will pick one of you for a free Maya Road RAK of their new stuff.


Kimmy P said...

Top 3 Picks :

1) coffee cup coasters - I work for Starbucks and am always on the lookout for items to make things for my co-workers!

2) bingo card stamp set - I see this being an extremely useful set. Now I won't have to feel so bad using up vintage cards -- i'll make and distress my own

3)triangle banner book - I really, really love banners!

Pennyscraps in TX said...

My faves: can I say one fave is ALL of the little sheers??? So much possibility!! #2: the 5 x 5 envelope binder and #3 - the Bingo stamp!!

Also, I need one of each of Wendy's new stamps!!!

Have TONS of fun and your husband just called and said, "Buy it all!"


angiejo said...

I have to pick 3!!! I love all the new stuff (and all the old too).
Top 3 picks:
1. Owls Mini Set
2. Days of the Week Journal Stamp
3. Mini Trees
I have never been a big fan of owls or trees but I have to say that now I love them thanks to Maya Road. The trees are so much fun to play with.
Thanks for all you do!

mccat said...

I love all chipboard products, but if I have only three to choose these are my top three:
1. Mixed Layer Book - I can just imagine all the possibilities for using these book. I love to make books for family and friends and I could use this book for any occasion.
2. Suitcase book - My husband and I travel frequently with friends and also by ourselves. Some trips are weekend trips and this book would be great for short trip pictures.
3. Dino Coaster Book - This would be great to use for grandkids birthdays, special school programs, a trip to the park or zoo with the little ones. It is just so cute!.
I can't help it, I have to add a fourth favorite. The Small Bird Coaster book. This would be great for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Engagements, Weddings, and just about anything to do with "LOVE".