Thursday, October 09, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

It was Carolyn's birthday today. As it turns out there are quite a few October birthdays around the store--almost as many as there are in March.:) The employees and some other friends surprised her with her favorite cake and a few presents & cards. It was hard to catch her this week with all the prep work, usual store activities and family stuff she has going on. Glad we were actually able to do it ON her actual birthday. Very unusual. She got several phone calls from those who couldn't make it to the store. She seemed to feel very special with all the rememberances. I'll just post a few pictures and try not to hijack the blog for too long. (I only wish I could crop myself out of these pictures)


Denise said...

Happy birthday to fellow Libra and October Birthday girl....Mine was yesterday the 8th and it was a biggy 50, Hope you had a wonderful day and have a blessed year! Denise Cook FT Worth( one of Cheryl and Tracy's friends!

Lisa Pace said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn.

Stacie said...

happy birthday! sorry I missed it...been a crazy week around here....looks like it was a great one!!!