Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Cricut

A couple of classes that are becoming more popular by the month are the classes for the Cricut. Several people had Cricuts, but either had never used them or wanted to learn more about them and all were just excited about taking a class like this.

The classes are led by Heidi. In the beginners or basic class the students learn basic functions of the machine. Several who had used theirs before found out several things that they didn't know until they took the class. The group makes a project using only the Cricut and the basic cartridge that comes with it.

The other class that has been offered is a cartridge class. This is set up like a book club. Each month the group decides what cartridge they would like to learn about the next month. Those who want the cartridge order it through the store and sign up for the class. At the next month's meeting, the explore this new cartridge making a project with only that cartridge. Some of the cartridges that have been done are Graphically Speaking, Story Time and Joys of the Season.
It is not necessary to take every cartridge class and new people are just fine at any time. It is suggested that they take the basics class before doing a cartridge class.

We are thinking that more of you will get these machines. Perhaps Santa will be bringing one to you? We are planning to continue the classes in 2009 learning as much as we can about them.
Check out the events page on the store's website for class information. Feel free to ask about these next time you visit the store as well.

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