Saturday, August 30, 2008

What are YOU doing during the Labor Day Weekend?

I hope whatever your plan, you have a safe and happy holiday.

After church on Sunday we are going to visit a neighbor who has a precious newborn baby girl. You can see an album I made for her here.

On Saturday, we are hosting our Sunday school's Labor Day ABC Picnic. Here is the invitation:

The premise is that everyone brings food that starts with their initials. Since we are the Moores, we are providing the meat.

Even if we end up with a weird combination of food, it should be fun.

We have between 45 and 55 people coming to the Inn for this event and I can hardly wait. Randall is already there smoking the brisket. I am going in the morning to get everything ready.

I am doing a make and take for the teenagers. I found these wooden plaques at Michaels for 25 cents each. I just added some paper and embellishments and voila - a cute doo dad. Of course each person will pick his/her own paper and "stuff". I can't wait to see what they come up with. So for a quarter and a bunch of leftover scraps and a bit of this and that, all the older kids will go home with something fun.

I couldn't leave the little kids out. There is a diversity in ages, so I really made it an easy and quick craft project. I just bought some of those foam kits from Michaels and if they don't add TOO much glitter, they can wear their masks about an hour after they make them.

One of my friends is bringing a bounce house, there will be tons of food and I am expecting a fantastic Labor Day picnic!

I hope your holiday is a great one too.


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Sherri said...

Cute, Cute Items--the invitation and make n are too good!