Friday, June 20, 2008

What a busy week filled with sports.......

This week Denton had soccer camp in the morning and 3 t-ball games at night. I loved watching them warm up in the morning with exercises and when Drew and him ran around the whole track I thought "how he has grown so much".

Tonight they had their 3rd game this week and I have been very proud of him, but tonight when he was playing pitcher and the batter hit a high ball, Denton caught it in mid air. I had such a proud moment, or some would say a ah ha moment! And of course I didn't get it on film.
Megan if you are reading this....that's "Tall Man"!


Brook said...

What a busy schedule you and Denton have had! What a great job he did! I can just see you jumping up and down and yelling for him. Keep that camera out girl!

Marie Q Photography said...

I had to read this twice toward the end. You are playing match maker on your BLOG?!?!?