Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Stunning Word Books

Two of the other word books that were extremely popular at the convention were these. First is a picture of the CRUISE book. It has been a big hit at the store for a month or so, but the convention goers were seeing it for the first time. I heard many wonderful comments on this and many, many people buying the papers to make their own.

I hate to limit you to only a couple pages of this book because it is quite awesome. Susie did this book & if you notice in this second photo you will see an acrylic page added into the book. She did this in a couple of spots and really made this a unique book. Looking at the book, I wish I was on a cruise right now--cool water in the pool...ahhh. All the papers in this book are Moxxie papers & I think there are still some left at the store. (with the sale, things are flying out of there)

This second book is the Fourth of July Book. The letters say JULY4 and then if you look on the '4' you will see the "th" completing the cover. Isla did this book as well for us. She scurried right up until 3 or 4 in the morning of the day of the convention working on projects for the store.

On this book, she used the Rusty Pickle Papers, which have nearly all escaped the store. We took them for mini store in the crop room and not many were even left after that. Since Rusty Pickle was at the convention, we kept what was left for the store. I have said to Isla that I think she sold more Rusty Pickle paper than they did with this book.

I hope these give you some ideas on what to do with some of your photos. Even though I couldn't get the full project in here, you can see that the books will hold quite a few photos AND can be expanded with extra pages. Need help doing your first one of these? Come on by the store. We'll be glad to talk you through it!


Susie said...

Susie here - and 1 hour away from getting on our next cruise ship. This time to Alaska!!

Carolyn - I'll need an Alaska book next.



Brook said...

The books are awesome! I can't tell you how many people commented on how gorgeous they were at the convention.

Daydreamer :) said...


Thanks for dropping by my tea party. It was nice to meet you too. I was admiring your work here... I'm going to go look some more.

Daydreamer :)