Friday, January 11, 2008

Woohoo -- I Hijacked the Blog!!!

Hey there. I am adding a post here because there are a few things that Carolyn of the Crafty Scrapper left out of her post below. #1 Caroline of Maya Roads visited all right, she ALSO put a note about her visit on her blog and talked about how much she enjoyed the visit, what she thought of the store, etc. #2 This little cute creation (see pic) was made by Carolyn with a new line of LUXE papers; She has been talking about doing these for a few weeks, but just this week had time to get them done....the additional info that may or may not be known is that this has been posted on the Luxe Designs Blog as a guest contribution AND was put on Emily's blog (head of Luxe). To get to this blog look to the left side on the Luxe Designs Blog, there is a link to Emily's blog. This will be a Friday Night Happy Hour project too!

Good Job Carolyn!! You don't get noticed enough for the creativeness you have!

PS:Carolyn, I hope you don't take my password privileges away

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Brook said...

I am so glad that you were able to take control of the wheel today! I love everything that she created. Commented of course and sent some links to a few boards and bragged about my favorite store!