Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Hour at The Crafty Scrapper

We thought we would share some photos of happy hour. Several people have asked how this works. Every Friday between 6-8pm we hold "Happy Hour", come to the cafe bar and complete a little project. There is a different one each Friday and range between $1-$9. You will receive a punch card for the cafe, after you have completed 12 cafe projects you receive a free cafe night with your punch card. This has been a fun addition to the store and we already have regulars that show up every Friday. If there are extra projects they can be purchased the next day.

This last Friday we had a couple of young girls who enjoyed doing this Valentine project that Crazy Aimee taught !

Sherri taught an adorable Home Wall Hanging this Friday and lots of people showed up for her little creation. While some were waiting to belly up to the bar, they enjoyed sitting in the coffee lounge visiting and drinking coffee.

Come join us for some fun "Happy Hour" projects the crafty girls have come up with. In February we have several awesome page layout we will be doing. All projects are on display at the store or online.


Brook said...

Happy hour looks like such fun! The project look great!

sherri (Tied Up In Ribbons) said...

it is pretty fun...a quick (usually) make n take for just the cost of the producte\