Saturday, November 03, 2007

Super Baby Book

This is a great idea for a baby gift. This little family album/baby book was done with a stock 8 x 8 album. The front was easily embellished with a cute ribbon and a tag stamped with the baby's name (since it was known).

Each of the paper sleeves then has a little folded page inside of it. When the page is in the book, you see the tab for the insert and the actual page that was done for the book. The insert can be just a 8 x 8 size paper, or could be a folded page if you wanted.

For instance, this first page shown is an adorable layout for a first photo, tucked behind it (and pulled out for showing here) is another page that could have journaling, other photos or cards perhaps that the mother wanted to save for the baby.

Notice that this one is a folded page, so when opened up it reveals another area for words, journaling, photos or whatever you as the designer wants to put there.
This is a view of the book, looking at the tops of the pages with all the tabs showing. Notice each one in this book is a month. 1 month, 2 months, etc.
And then just a few of the layouts that again are hiding a great insert behind them.

Hope that gives you some ideas for a book you might need to do!

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Sherri said...

such a great book Carolyn!