Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Holly Jolly Tree: Another Fun Project

This is another kit from Carolee's Creations. By kit I mean cut out wood pieces-well MDF to be exact. The MDF is nice and smooth and takes minimal sanding to be ready to work with. This kit comes with the tree base, trunk and 5 bowers. To complete this, I just picked 5 green-ish papers. It would be lots of fun to do in about any color really. I used mod podge to glue the paper on and to cover the paper. It really does not need the mod podge over the top of the paper, but I was on a roll. To paint the tree I used a dark brown paint and then used Tim Holtz crackle paint over the top. (that is separate experiment that I will share another time).

I used hot glue to put the pieces together and also to put little clothespins on the 'limbs' to hold pictures. If there is any advice I need to give it is about the clothespins. Since I used mod podge over the paper, the hot glue did not stick very well. My recommendation is to a) not use the mod podge over the paper or b) stick the clothespins on while the mod podge is wet-it would hold it better I think. Of course, there is nothing that says clothespins are a must, it is just what they suggested.

I used some stickles on the star. I added some buttons and a little bit of ribbon for decoration, but I stayed pretty light on the decorations. This is a great project and allows a lot of room for customization! Better pick yours up--not many are left.

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