Thursday, June 07, 2007

When Are You Coming??

We saw some more familiar faces today at the GASC, but know there are many more who haven't been out there. Today we picked up 13 boxes of Maya Roads Stuff, we had run out of so much of it Wednesday....sooo if you were one of those disappointed that we were out of a Maya Road product that you wanted, check back in with us Friday.

Many have taken the LUXE classes and did some great layouts with their black & white paper. In the class they are giving out a coupon to use on their paper packs. We are the only ones carrying their line.

Lots of positive reactions to the Queen & Co. and the Love Elsie Line--much different than what they had seen in the other booths, they said. Several like the look of the booth with the beach theme.

It was really crowded today, and although we are hoping for a good day, we are not expecting it to be as crowded on friday, so if you were one of those who couldn't get into the booth or felt like the check out was too long...come on back.

See you soon!

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