Thursday, June 07, 2007

Directions to the Store from GASC

Several have asked so here are directions from the Convention Center:

Take one of the many roads over to Highway 360. (it intersects with I-30, Road to Six Flags and Randol Mill Rd -- all right near the convention center)

Take Highway 360 south. It will change into frontage road on the south side of Arlington, but you are still on the right road. Highway 360 dead ends into Highway 287. The traffic on 287 does not stop, so be very careful at this intersection!!

Take a left onto Highway 287 (you will go across one lane of traffic, then stop and turn left)

Highway 287 will go right into Waxahachie, but if you take Business 287 as you near Waxahachie it is a straighter shot to the store. (Pass through Midlothian on 287, go approximately 7-9 miles and then you will see another business 287. Take this one)

Highway 287 will wind a little bit and you will go under I-35E. Keep going. You will pass a lot of beautiful old houses. Keep going. At the stop light for Main Street & Hwy 77(also called Elm St), take a right. Take this west a couple blocks to the light (Madison St) and then turn left. Go two blocks after turning right, this will be College Street. Turn Left (one way street) and go about 1/2 way up the block and there we are on the left side of the street.

Remember you can always call if you get stuck somewhere and we can direct you from that point. 972-923-3151. Thanks.

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